2020 – THE HYPE

Ok I gotta say, writing the Heading for this post alone gave me some spooky thriller vibes.

Well, 2020 is leaving us pretty soon, making way for 2021 to arrive. I for one really wish that 2021 isn’t 2020 mark 1, bringing in more evil surprises. So what’s the point of this post? Well, an eventful year is leaving us and I thought we should look back to see if anything about this year would be worth any hype in the future. Always a step ahead .

The Bads

Well there is plenty.

The pandemic stays in top position but we shouldn’t forget certain events that occurred before the virus became the main thing.


The Australian bush fires

Starting December 2019 this fire spread out of control through Australian forests killing at least 34 people, 11 million hectares of land , countless animals and around 2000 homes, all burnt to ground.

Then some guy ate a bat. enters COVID.

Kobe Bryant’s death

The legend with his daughter and seven others left us in a helicopter crash on Jan 26th.

Trump was impeached in between by the way.

Did I mention the arrival of Covid? Yes I did. So with that came

Stock market crash 2020

Just like the virus, this too was a global thing, with almost all countries hitting the worst drop in stocks ever ( Except for China maybe. They grew I guess)

then came work from home and more lockdown.

followed by..

Death of George Floyd

George Floyd, an American Black man was killed when a clerk alleged he had passed a counterfeit $20 bill in Minneapolis. Derek Chauvin, one of four police officers who arrived on the scene, knelt on Floyd’s neck for a period initially reported to be 8 minutes and 46 second. A video shot of the same went viral and created waves of movements against racism around the globe.

And yes, rumours regarding death of Kim Jong Un led to some serious conversations to funny memes around the month of April.

Death of Sushant Singh Rajput

In India, death of Sushant Singh Rajput triggered various controversies. His death, said to be a suicide, sparked life to topics like Depression, Mental health and nepotism that prevails in Bollywood film Industry.

then came

The Beirut Explosion

An Ammonium storage facility in Port city of Beirut exploded killing 204 people, 6500 injuries, making at least 300,000 people homeless and creating an estimate of $15 billion dollar worth of property damage. This too later triggered a movement against government and corruption in Beirut.

Air India crash, Calicut

An Air India express flight from Dubai skidded off the runway while landing at Karippur Airport in Kozhikode on august 7th. There was 191 passengers on board and 18 of them, including the cabin crew died in this tragic accident.

Death of Chadwick Boseman

After four years of battle against colon cancer, Chadwick Boseman died at the age of 43. His death was a shock to his fans as he had kept his diagnosis private, all the while acting in several blockbuster movies.

Again wildfires happened, this time ranging from California to Washington, destroying millions of acres of land.

and yes the most important of all

Corona virus or Covid-19

This little guy proved to be no joke as he travelled from place to place via humans creating 82 Million cases so far and killing 1.79 Million people as of 30/12/2020. There is a lot to speak on Corona but I know you all share the same feelings and reading what is written here won’t change a thing. so yes.

To all the people and other living things we lost this year, I pay my respects. To all the people fighting Corona or any other disease for that matter, I pray you get well soon and to all the people who follow COVID guidelines to keep others and yourselves safe, you are great.

There is a lot more bad stuff that happened in 2020 that if I am to point out each and everyone of them I’d be blocked for being too negative. But if you think I missed something major, point it out in comments below.

now that was enough bad stuff. But during the Corona season we saw many good stuff happening too. I mean not many good stuff happened in comparison to bad stuff, but still good stuff did happen and we gotta point them out too. So here we go bringing the good into the list.

The Good

Well, there is always as much good as to bad in this earth. Generally 2020 is pictured in a dark veil but there are good things hidden in it’s pocket too. Like how we all wished for unlimited vacations, to stay home all the time, to eat sleep and work in the same couch… 2020 made it all happen, for real.

I mean yeah we did get bored, but can’t say we didn’t wish for it once tho.

so the best good thing to happen in 2020 is

Mother nature significantly repaired

Global emissions around globe reduced upto 17 percent this year and this has shown interesting results in nature. Some years ago, when emission treaties of larger magnitudes were submitted in front of global leaders in summits like Paris summit, they rejected it saying they were impossible in a practical viewpoint. In 2020 though surprisingly these treaties worked, without even direct attempt from government. This indirectly proves that, to reduce global warming all we have to do is stay home.

People did something- collectively

Interestingly when it comes to survival everyone stands together it seems. People all around the globe willingly participated in the fight against one invisible enemy. we masked up and sanitized. In general we became more hygiene. Well there are some COVID deniers and anti mask protestors, but then also we got to understand and see, that despite all this human growth there are dumb people amongst us.

Women Leaders got the Job done.

Not that male leaders were bad, but in general they’ve been reckless. Global leaders like Boris Johnson and Donald Trump got infected while leaders like Jacinda Arden, Tsai Ing-wen, Angela Merkel did their best in protecting the people who elected them as leaders. This obviously was a direct hit at the idea that man makes a better leader.

We became more creative

Lockdown period brought out hidden talents and creative ideas out of people. Now that people are home, we saw more artists, Sheff’s, singers and dancers coming into the mainstream. Trying out new stuff, especially food, became a thing.

Internet for all became a thing- at least nearly it did

I know not everyone got access to internet. But the slow steps we were taking to make Internet as the commonplace for all, be it all kinds of work or communication, became a thing in 2020. Surely, matters like internet speed, cost, privacy still stays, but more people took a step to make things digital and that is good.

Black Lives matter movement

When George Floyd cried “I can’t breathe” before he was killed , it hit hearts of people all around the globe, sparking protests against Racism collectively all around globe. Demonstrations and riots were conducted across the world to demand an end to police brutality and racial injustice.

Locals rush to save lives

Because i quoted of this incident and since i know more about it, I should add, the way the locals who lived near worked to save the people who got stuck inside the plane was incredible. They were the first to arrive at scene even before first response team and got people to hospitals in their own private vehicles. All night people kept coming to help and nearby houses became first aid centers. All this amid the covid worries, especially from a plane that carried people from COVID affected places. This again proves the fact that despite all calamities, when a crisis hits, people, no matter where in globe, stand for other people and that is what makes us human.

New elected government for America

After an eventful election and sooo many memes a new government with many bold claims has been elected in America. America this year became the peak center of COVID and was criticized globally that just because there is wealth accumulated dosen’t mean that you are developed. There is lots to be done to regain this lost image and power, of which we hope the new government will work for.

COVID Vaccines are here

One thing that gives us all hopes to a new healthy year is the vaccines and they are finally here. Vaccination is being conducted in various parts around the globe slowly but steadily. If this works then this is the best news to come from 2020.

Another great thing that happened this year is probably the starting of this blog ๐Ÿคฃ

Joking! But I gotta say if it wasn’t for the lockdown and the free time that came with it, you’d not have to read these letters via a technological medium. And I for one, would not have been able to read works from many other talented writers. Like you! Yes! Glad to read you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

so what’s with the hype?

well, 2020 will obviously have it’s name glorified in red in future history text books. If one day that is to happen, we can say that we lived through it to our grand children. We can say that at a time of huge crisis we stood together to fight a way through it. So if this is a hype then this Hype is totally worth it.

We at Hype Theory Thank all the Health care workers on the front line of the Corona virus pandemic. We also owe respect to all the other workers out there, ranging from sanitary workers to delivery boys to teachers to government officials who worked hard to keep life for people as normal as possible.

Beyond all this we should thank and respect all the people who followed COVID guidelines and stayed home in quarantine to keep others safe. This year, anyone who wears a mask and stays hygiene is a hero.

Thanks for reading and supporting!

Let’s all hope for a miraculous 2021!

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