2021 – THE HYPE

Happy 2021 people!

or will it be happy at all?

I mean if I were 2021 I’d be depressed before I manage to reach February. Such is the Hope. So much expectations. So much pressure.

But then also, 2021 shouldn’t necessarily be like me. Maybe 2021 is a fighter. Like that Professor from Netflix’s Money Heist. Maybe 2021 has stuff planned to keep us entertained.

I don’t know much about you but writing this in these last moments of 2020 with music blasting through headphones, I have good hopes for 2021. Cuz I for one think that people will live on anyway. Nature will reboot fresh and we’ll be back to destroying it pretty soon. So for me much won’t change in the human level. Life finds a way and pretty much everything would be like what it was before 2020.

Any way back to topic, 2020 came with expectations like “This year no junk.”, “Gym for life”, “Wake at 6 work till 6” and guess what, nothing worked. 2020 though opened it’s surprise bundle and now we are masked. Compared to 2020, 2021 has a lot more to work to. 2020 left making a mess and 2021 has been tasked to clean it up. People are making wishes like “This year I travel more”, “This year I breathe fresh”, “This year I get out and meet my friends in person” and so on. And these expectations, unlike 2020 expectations, seems doable. So basically it’s on 2021’s shoulders to make these happen. And when a large proportion of people stick up the same idea without actually thinking if it’s any worth of such praise, doing it cuz everyone is doing it, we call it a HYPE. And that’s the kind of stuff we discuss about here. So…. is 2021 overhyped?? Let’s find out!

Why the Optimism

See, it’s simple. I remember driving through an extremely cold place in motorcycle once. It was night and I was coming down a hill station route surrounded by forest. Was wearing a Tee and there was no sweater. I really was yearning for some heat and my body was shivering real bad. I really wished to turn around and go back to the last human inhabited area I passed. But I didn’t and what kept me going was the belief that once I leave this particular hilly part and reach levelled land, temperature would rise and it’d be better. Guess what, I was making that up the entire time based on some facts like temperature is colder in hilly regions while better downhill. There was no actual living proof that it should actually bring any change to my condition as I was already freezing and a slight increase in temperature may not change much. But it was this belief that I’m on a machine that is moving closer to this supposed place which will be better that kept my enthusiasm high enough to keep me moving.

So what was that story for? Did I just teach you that it’s stupid to travel to hill stations without proper clothing? Yes I did. But was that the point i meant here? NO. Dude I want the story related to how we are in a cold 2020 and what keeps us moving forward right now is

one. We have no choice but to keep moving cuz we are trapped with LIfe’s forest around us

two. We expect that for all the compromises we made this year, next year would be better. Should be better. Better be better.

And what are the facts that supports our optimism? There are powerful COVID vaccines being brewed and injected and that should work. With COVID out of the way, we are or will be back to full power.

Other than that, COVID cases are going down. The heat has been reduced and number of cases and deaths are climbing down the ladder in general. Recovery period and recovery rate on the other hand has shown significant growth.

People too, just like it should be, have started to live with the virus. WHO had stated earlier that living together is the only way so that we can eventually divorce the virus. People are getting back to old routines now and that is a good sign.

With people coming out the economy bull has considered waking up too. More money flow means better overall development.

Our health care system has proven its power. We have somehow been able to control the virus killings to an extent.

Plus being cave men for a while we have learned the value of being together. Now that we have learned that, let’s hope humans will see past differences and get close to each other.

There is more

We have a new elected president in US to hope on now. We have nature healing and climate getting better. We have people with wishes to travel now more than ever. We have better idea of how to stay clean. We have many Netflix show’s coming. Marvel’s too. We have new creative local businesses to support now. We have matching masks to wear. We have educational institutions reopening. We have been through some bad time but we have heavy hopes. Plus we have Hype theory so like if you like, you know, the usual promotion stuff.

Pessimism starts here


There is a new highly infective mutation of Corona Virus out in the air now. 2021 exclusive.

We don’t know how effective and how quick the vaccines would work and reach people.

Just cuz there is a vaccine now dosen’t mean by January everyone will be free of COVID worries. It’ll take time.

Just cuz it’s 2020 dosen’t mean masks are going away. They along with the COVID precautions are here to stay.

There are anti-mask, anti- vaccine people out there. Hell, topics against vaccinations was trending in twitter and Facebook till some days ago. And we expect things to change.

WHO has stated that more virus outbreaks are bound to happen.

Economy in general may have rose. But the poor are at their poorest now. The rich are still growing.

COVID ends and comes back Global Warming, meteor collisions, Nuclear threat, ozone depletion, animal extinction and whatnot.

Also this next year would be better thing. we have been through this multiple times and we know nothing much changes except the calendar.

The aliens are on their way. so are the zombies. That doll your child have is probably gonna start speaking soon. Wow, the possibilities are endless.

Conclusion – is it worth the hype?

well I kinda think it’s over hyped to call 2021 the year that’ll save us.

Part of it’s cuz, well, Last year we hoped a lot and we saw what happened. There has been instances where I was feeling so stuck at home that I believed it’s my fault that 2020 became this bad. Maybe I enjoyed a bit too much on 2019 New Year eve putting a lot of happy year vibes on 2020. Such was the condition. Let’s not be too dramatic this year and just walk past the line to 2021 and see stuff as they come. Let’s leave 2021 to breathe and solve the mess out.

Also if you are at some market and feel like trying a variety by eating a bat or something, I beg you suppress it.

Concluding I gotta say

It’s human nature to hope for better and to believe in good future as to travel through bad times.

But let’s not be over confident this time.

2021, I let you free of hopes. Just be a good year and try doing your best to be better than 2020.

stay safe, celebrate from home

Happy New Year people!

Hello 2021.

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