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Vaccination Myths – The Hype💉

If you’re a follower of Hype Theory you must have read in our previous posts how we’ve hyped about the vaccines that are arriving to save the population from corona virus. Well apparently, contrary to our hype of hope, a hype that reduces vaccination has also been started and is spreading just like the virus amongst people. So here we are vaccinating the anti vaccinating hypes to bring clarity to some myths that became hype in social media. Let’s decode.

Anti vaccination movements

Anti Vaccination movement in general is everything that leads to create hysteria against vaccination. It isn’t a corona specific movement actually, it’s been here since 1990’s, specifically since 1998 when British doctor Andrew Wakefield published in ‘The Lancet linking’ about how MMR vaccine leads to autism. The study was obviously founded to be fraud but had deep impacts on MMR vaccination and every vaccination that occurred ever since. Since then every vaccination is seen with a worry as something that could cause severe side effects and thereby as something that could create problems that weren’t there in first place.

This was just the starting, just something that triggered the start of many theories which proved to be way worse than Andrew Wakefield’s.

Corona Vaccines and Side effects

Just like any major medicine some side effects does come with Covid vaccination too. These include pain in the injected spot, fever, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, chills and in some, diarrhoea. Now read that list again and ask yourselves if any of these are major side effects. Some of these used to happen to me everyday pre-corona, and yes diarrhoea isn’t one of them. Added side effects could be seen on some people based on age and if they have any other health issues, but none has proven to be major. As of now, Vaccines have been tested and proved to be extremely safe from long lasting side effects.

Death of vaccinated people

I’ve read multiple posts on people dying even after vaccination. None was fake. People are still dying even after vaccination due to Covid and this is a matter of worry. Why vaccinate if it’s only for the pain that comes at the vaccination spot? Well, when searched deep two things were understood. One, people are dying but the count is very small. Not that their death dosen’t matter, peace to their souls, but that compared to the total number of people vaccinated, death due to corona after vaccination seems very low in count. Most of them who left us even after vaccination were either old or were suffering from some other major health issue. Second thing is that vaccines dosen’t totally protect you from being infected. You can still be infected even after vaccination but what vaccine does is reduce it’s effect on your body. Vaccines prepares the body to win against corona virus no matter which strain hits and that matters.

Vaccines came fast so they won’t work

Vaccines were made within the span of a year. yes. So are they some sort of rushed up products that dosen’t work? Well, unlike old times, technology has devoloped a lot. For a year almost all major medical labs around globe has been trying to find a remedy against this virus and some succeeded very well. Think of all these scientists working on one motto from different parts of the world. Multiple ideas, multiple experiments until one clicked somewhere at Russia as the first Covid- 19 vaccine. Now it is true that in the past with outbreaks vaccines took 3-4 years to be devoloped. But then technology wasn’t as devoloped as today. Plus, unlike past outbreaks the covid virus isn’t a new out of the blue strain. The SARS-CoV-2 virus that spreads Covid-19 has been around for a log time and has diagnosed to cause diseases ranging from common cold to acute respiratory issues. These virus strains has been under study for more than 50 years now and this gave the scientists a head-start this time around. This is the same reason why we found some old movies and novels to be speaking of corona way before it became a thing. It was always here but rarely became a threat. Above all this, funding by government and other organizations on devolopment of these vaccines has been massive. This along with ready to accept clinical trial volunteers, also helped in quick production of vaccine.

Vaccination injects Covid virus into the body

This concern is partially true. ‘Partially’ because the entire virus isn’t injected but only it’s surface proteins. These proteins acts as messenger RNA and triggers the body’s defense mechanism to act against a potential pathogen. So it’s basically dead virus just like in the case of polio vaccines. No need to worry as it’d be worse if live virus enters through outer contact anyway.

Covid Vaccines and impotency

I read some anti vaxxers spreading misinformation that vaccines are government’s ways to enable birth control by making people impotent or by causing Erectile Dysfunction. This is a wrong information. Tests have been conducted around the globe for various vaccines and none has reported impotency or ED. This is a vaccine mainly targeting at respiratory issues so concern over genitals is odd in itself. But it is to be said that covid, in some individuals, has led to lower testosterone levels and thus to ED. Vaccines creating such an issue has not been reported so far.

I guess Werner Herzog from Rick and Morty was right when he said “I’ve dwelled among the humans. Their entire culture is built around their penises” it seems 😉

jk 😂.


There is a theory that says the covid outbreak was a planned attempt by medicine companies around the globe. I see the logic but I agree with WHO on the fact that it’s a rubbish claim. People are dying and medical company heads are in the list too. Now the theory that a particular country may have made the virus in lab and accidentally spread it, well that idk, cuz there are news of that sort coming out as I write this and I hope they are wrong.

Bill Gates and Micro chip

It is sad that even today around 30% of Americans believe in the theory that Bill Gates has implanted chips via vaccine to control human population. I have nothing to explain on this cuz I have no hopes as to change minds of people who believe in this, but I should say that the Bill Gates Foundation has pledged to donate billions for covid relief even before these theories came out and it’s a great thing they are still continuing donation. Every penny in support of people matters.

Vaccines and menstrual cycle

As we stated with impotency, vaccination has not yet found to have any effects on periods or pregnancy. There’s no evidence that any vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines, affect fertility, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. A social media post floating around mentions that menstruation “lowers” immunity for woman, and hence, taking a vaccine, 5 days before, during or after your periods won’t be safe and may not garner a sufficient response. This post also says that taking vaccine during periods decreases immunity and hence make women more vulnerable to virus. Posts like these are wrong as vaccine can be taken in any period of time even during periods.

Religion, natural health and herd immunity

Surroundings where one grew could boost immunity providing a natural health against diseases. Early in 2020 medical reports claimed that covid deaths will be lower in India because of the exposure people have to diseases like these since birth. It claimed people in countries like India are naturally strong against diseases so infection may happen but death count will be low. Look at the number of deaths India is facing now and that answers wild theories like these to be wrong. You maybe naturally strong but that dosen’t mean you shouldn’t be stronger through vaccination 💪. Herd Immunity is a need but that isn’t to be achieved by letting people be exposed to live corona virus but through proper vaccination. That is the safer way. Religions have always had their views on vaccinations. It’s all God’s will yes. He made us like this and we shall not alter it is one of the reasons I found mass spread online against vaccination. I don’t want to talk against any beliefs so I’d like to say that maybe covid is God’s test and vaccine is God’s remedy. It’d be fool of us to not see that then. I hope everyone considers it that way.

Blood donation and vaccination

There has been calls to donate blood before vaccination and it’s a good thing. Donating blood is saving lives and it is to be promoted. This social media campaign cannot be completely blamed as blood donation after vaccination was blocked for another 28 days when it started. But scientists have clarified that there is no need to rush for donation as donation break periods depends on vaccine taken. Most of the US authorized vaccines needs no wait time to donate blood and for other vaccines the break period is max 14 days from vaccination. If you have no symptoms and are healthy enough you can donate blood even after vaccination. Donating blood is a good cause 🩸.

5G and Covid

This is an absurd theory stating 5G towers accelerated covid in Wuhan and the same will happen if 5G comes around globe. This theory I would like to say is false. That’s all.


I totally see why people worry over this. But I also see how ‘anti vaxxers’ is an organized corporate community that spreads misleading information. Don’t fall for these. If you find any information that concerns you, before sharing it please cross check. That way the right information will be prioritized. Let’s fight against this virus together by following proper covid protocols and that way, keep ourselves and loved one’s safe. If you feel like I missed something or feel doubtful of some other news that I haven’t shared, do share in comments.

Get vaccinated when it’s your turn and don’t fall prey for fake news.

Hype theory wishes you all good health and bright future.

peace ✌


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8 thoughts on “Vaccination Myths – The Hype💉

  1. In this information age, where there’s too much information perfectly covering the many illusions and creating more, awareness is key, thanks for sharing and spreading the awareness dymistifying the myths.

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    1. Hey kinge, Thanks for the support.
      I’m glad you saw the right article here at Hype Theory and I hope you share the same with your friends and close one’s ✌

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