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5G – THE HYPE ๐Ÿ“ถ

There aren’t many things that human around globe can equally relate to but at some point we’ve all said “This connection is dang slow!” making slow internet speeds one factor that unifies our emotions around globe. The level of frustration may vary but we’ve all been there, especially if we are out of Wi-Fi range and using carrier connection. Well things are apparently getting better and Wi-Fi like speeds through cellular connection is what I mean when I say better. How is this possible!? Well you read the title before you clicked to read this article so who am I trying to teach. 5G it is.

What is 5G

Hmm interesting question. Well 5G is the what comes after 4G. 5G is faster. 5G means low latency. 5g is reliable. 5G means vast network capacity and 5G is still unavailable (subject to where you live that is).

5G is basically the 5th generation of mobile network. There has been 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G – who’s still the key player, and 5G is the next step. So it’s expected of 5G to be better than it’s predecessors and thus faster.

Latency is the time taken for data to do a to and fro motion between server and client and this used to be 200 milliseconds claimed in 4G. Comparing to that 5G has a latency rate of 1 millisecond and as you can see the difference is incredibly big making 5G a low latency network band. ps. Latency is what creates that ‘lag’ between players action and actual response in game so gaming should get better which alone gives me good hopes to look forward to 5G.

5G is reliable because 5G can handle more device traffic in a particular area, 1 million devices for every square kilometer (0.386 square miles) to be exact, which means one million devices can connect to 5G in a given area, which means similar speeds to the mass.

5G has a vast network capacity because of the above mentioned features along with wider bandwidth technologies, which I’ll be explaining, making it capable of delivering up to 20 Gigabits-per-second (Gbps) peak data rates and 100+ Megabits-per-second (Mbps) average data rates. and lemme say you, that’s some wow level speeds.๐Ÿ”ฅ.

The biggest bummer about 5G is, drumrolls ๐Ÿฅ, that it’s still not here. I mean everyone is speaking about it, everyone is choosing 5G phones to be future proof, mobile companies are utilizing this as a method to increase price, hell, China is already working on 6G and guess what there is no proper 5G yet (China apparently have better 5G networks than rest of globe already but again that’s not completely common yet and I’m too lazy to change the ”no country has proper 5G yet” quote. so bear with me if you are Chinese and yes back to topic). So to most of the people 5G is still unavailable.

5G frequency and band widths

I really want this post to be less confusing and easily understandable cuz the more we dwell into this 5G thingy the more specific it becomes and thus more confusing. So I’ll try to keep it simple.

Why is there a separate column for bandwidth? Well it’s cuz bandwidth and frequency differs from country to country and I think 5G expecting consumers(like me) should have a basic idea about it.

so 5g bandwidths or spectrum is a range of radio frequencies in the sub-6 GHz range and the millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequency range that is 24.25 GHz and above. oops, start from basic make it easy to understand, yes. So, spectrum, or electromagnetic spectrum refers to the invisible radio waves that’s always all around us. VIBGYOR comes under electromagnetic spectrum that normal human eye can see and is called visible light. This ranges from 380 to 700 nanometers. Other than that all spectrums are beyond our perception with naked eye and thus invisible.

Now that we have a basic idea let’s talk about spectrum used for mobile communication. This can be divided into low, mid and high band spectrum.

Low band spectrum, under 3GHz can travel far but offers less speed. Most of the networks today uses this spectrum. Mid – band spectrum is a mix of both low and high and gives a mix of coverage and speed. High – band spectrum travels only meters compared to miles of low band spectrum and is thus less in range but fast in speed.

4G can connect to both low and mid bands but not to the high bands. 5G on the other hand can either connect to all three bands or to middle and high bands alone without using the low band(thus giving better speeds).

so in theory ,one low band (600-700MHz) tower can cover hundreds of square miles with 5G service that ranges in speed from 30 to 250 megabits per second (Mbps). A mid band (2.5/3.5GHz) tower covers a several-mile radius with 5G that currently ranges from 100 to 900Mbps and a high band (millimeter wave/24-39GHz) tower covers a one-mile or lower radius while delivering around 1-3Gbps speeds.

Now if you didn’t skip or close tabs, I’d like to explain why I brought in this topic as specific. The spectrum is an asset under government control and the allocation of spectrum range may vary from country to country. Not every country supports the same bands and thus there’ll be variations in speed in different countries. Currently almost all countries prefers the mid – band because its the best of both worlds. Mid band is known as the sub – 6GHz band cuz it covers frequencies from 2 to 6GHz.

This is why mid band is used by most European and Asian countries for current and future network needs. The n78 band which is also referred to as the 3500 MHz or the 3.5 GHz band, and is also known as the C-band 5G is the most popular 5G band.

sorry for lack of clarity๐Ÿ˜‡

So what’s the point of all this information dude? well, the thing is you as a reader should have an idea about band width available in your country. Not all 5G phone’s support all 5G bands. That’s the thing. some phone’s claim to be 5G while they provides only one 5G band. This makes them technically 5G phones but when 5G hits you may not be able to use it. Since not all countries have released what all bands they’d allocate I’d suggest you to buy a device that can use the most bands. Atleast 4 bands or more if you don’t know anything about 5G bands that are to be allocated. So 5G mobile fans, make sure you check band width as a specification of phone next time.

phew, the stuff we write to save future 5G mobile buyers! proud of myself ๐Ÿ˜‚

Internet of things and 5G

Internet of things is basically things connected via internet. That is the interconnection between devices that could be used for human devolopment and ease of life using internet. Basically almost all devices are connected between each other using the big web of internet already using sensors and digital intelligence and what not. Any thing can be converted to an IOT device if it can connect to internet or use internet to connect one another. and yes anything from your smart bulb to Tesla to private jet comes under IOT classification. And yes I know you probably don’t have a private jet, but hey, possibilities are limitless ๐Ÿค‘

So the point is, with more and more devices getting connected to internet, everything from the AC at house to engine in car to pacemaker at heart to chip in brain(probably may become a thing in future since Elon Musk made it), seamless connectivity to internet is becoming a basic need to live in earth.

since u read the first section you know 5G is the tinder plus of connectivity and thus you also know that with such high speed connections more devices using IOT will rise and the existing will work better, overall creating an AI based earth to live on until Westworld becomes a real thing and we get, you know, killed or something. Mahn I’m optimistically pessimistic!

5G and health

Ok this one is going to be brief. Currently, thereโ€™s no solid evidence that 5G causes negative health effects in humans or animals. Most researchers have studied 5G electro magnetic fields in general and found mixed results. Mixed cuz, well 5G is yet to roll out to the mass and yet surely safe cuz, if mobile radiations could kill us in a day we’d be dead already. I’ve explained how 5G is basically just like any mobile band in an entire info bundled section up there so if you skipped it go read it and you’ll understand why I’m so sure. The high – band is the only matter of concern cuz it’s fairly new but high band is as ionized as any other band so it must be fine too. ps. If someone says radiation of all kind is harmful they’re right but amount of radiation matters and 5G dosen’t matter. The end.

5G and corona virus

This theory is stupidly false. thanks.

If you come as far as to read this I’m sure you know the myth here is false but just for clarification I’d like to say that corona virus is spread through droplets or air and not through 5G. Also 5G was first deployed in South Korea and parts of US before China implemented it so 5G towers in China mingled to make Corona the baby is also utterly stupidly false. Now if any of you have doubts or points regarding this or opposing me please comment and I’ll surely reply. Also if you are worried about vaccines and if 5G did something to it read this article here :

5G cons

Major cons of 5G are 5G’s limited global coverage, its’ decreased Broadcast Distance, it’s slow upload speeds, it’s battery hungry attitude, it’s need for technological infrastructure, it’s cost and new cyber security concerns.

As some legend quoted earlier ”no country has proper 5G yet”. Which basically means it isn’t a global thing yet. And at the countries which do implement 5G, only cities will get it right away. Villages and normal country people will probably have to wait some years, making it limited in global coverage.

5G waves as we said are of 3 blah blah blah. The point is to get fast 5G we need at least mid – band and to get the miraculous speeds we need high – band. In low – band it won’t be showing any big difference from 4G. High – band is of low coverage and cannot move through walls as efficiently as low – band does. so decreased broadcasting distance is a con.

5G is the king of download speeds. But when it comes to upload speeds it clocks from 25 to 100Mbps which is, well, faster than 4G’s 8 to 50Mbps max and still nowhere close to the download speeds it promises. So its a bit slow in upload speeds.

5G tech consumes a lot of battery and may create heating issues. But again this may get cleared in future tech. 4G had similar issues and if you used an early 4G device you may have seen a specific button provided just to turn off 4G to save battery. 5G devices too poses similar battery hungry attitude as of now.

When I mentioned how high – band cannot penetrate through walls as good as low waves you may have thought of how we’d get high speed 5G inside room. The only way is to install 5G amplifying cell transmitters or mini cell towers in streetlights or traffic lights or anywhere possible within short distances. But this is a costly thing and may not even come to rural areas and streetlights themselves aren’t made for such weight on them. As for the mid – waves, 4G did use mid – waves so upgrading these towers will do the job. But there are way too many towers and this will also cost some money in upgrades. Also these 4G towers will also emit 2G 3G and 4G bands. So it won’t be 5G exclusive towers and traffic may affect it’s speed delivery.( If any of you received messages from cellular operator saying they are going 4G only by removing 3G and 2G, now u know why.) So need of technological infrastructure specific for 5G can be concluded as a con for 5G.

Now with all that cost to make 5G receptors the cost for 5G plans must be high too. Which basically means it won’t be as cheap as your current data plan. Now this depends on your carrier provider but logically 5G costs must be high.( There are many speculations as to how 5g data plans may get released and how they’d be different from 4G plans but they are so diverse and iffy so we aren’t gonna speak about those)

5G is fast, new and in some cases so close to individual devices which brings an array of cyber concerns along with it. I mean more band width and IOT along with 5G’s software driven attitude(basically 5G is more linked to cloud services than 4G) cyber criminals have new ways of getting into private data. But again this may get secured when 5G really launches. who knows.

Is it worth the Hype?

For the promises 5G provides it is definitely worth the hype.

It is a new piece of technology that is going to have such massive effects on human life that in a way its going to be a life changing devolopment for the people. With us being so depending on internet, 5G is only going to accelerate our usage by bringing more IOT oriented services. Plus thinking of all those possibilities that comes with faster internet, not only scrolling through Instagram but also about the jump it could provide in health care and such sectors, 5G definitely stands upto the hype it serves.

but, yes as usual there’s a but to all things, 5G is yet to be a reality. We are mostly speculating on statistics from reserved areas of world and real world performance may vary very much. Plus the worries of cost and the need for 5G accepting devices dosen’t help 5G from it’s degrading image as a global thing.

So concluding,

Let’s embrace new possibilities as they approach us and use it for the global good. Everyone likes faster browsing and if 5G can deliver that, well that’s gonna be great.

Good things take time and 5G seems to be taking a lot of time so it must be a good thing ๐Ÿ˜‚

Let’s stay connected and hope for more helping innovations (and definitely not hope for Westworld tho it sounds cool)

peace โœŒ


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8 thoughts on “5G – THE HYPE ๐Ÿ“ถ

  1. Quite an informative post.
    You covered like every small segment of 5g including the comparison with previous generation which was must.
    I’ve had doubts regarding latency period of networks which surely are cleared now.
    If I were the judge of of Delhi high court I would’ve made “”JUHI CHAVLA”” read this blog. Lol
    Great post!


    1. Hey Krishna
      Glad you liked the post!
      I’m sure 5G would roll out India as telecom sector is one of the most competitive spaces in the country. Let’s hope it happens soon!


    1. Heyya
      Thanks for the feedback! I hope it helped u grasp the simple and complex side’s of what’s called the upcoming technology ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. I am not sure where youโ€™re getting your information, but good topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more.
    Thanks for fantastic information I was looking for this info for my mission.


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