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Politics – The Hype

Ok. This one has been in my mind for a long time now and by a long time I mean a very long time.

Before we start, I should state that this isn’t  about one political party or person but about political parties in general. I for one have never been able to understand the deep trust and love people put on one political party even if they have flaws and thus have been an impartial and neutral when it comes to choosing political leaders through my vote (in the sense that every vote matters). This post will be thus staying neutral to core.

Political parties are the link between people and power in any country that runs under the idea of constitution and democracy. We elect someone capable enough through the system of voting and the elected works for us, where us being the nation. But if dug deep we see politics and the parties that run it often standing out as something that is above and beyond people’s power. People, the one’s who should choose rationally often become the puppets of elected leaders, acting as they are asked to and fighting for someone who is in power forgetting the power actually resides with the people themselves. when people blindly follows something without thinking twice that is a hype and if it is a hype we decode it here. And that’s exactly what we will be doing now.

What is politics and why are we talking about it

Establishment of democracy basically works on giving people the right to choose. Everyone is free to provide their opinion on choosing a leader who shall work for them. The same idea works on the matter of making new laws or legislation as people have a right to see if it should work for them or not. But people being people have different ideas and even if they have those it is impossible to share everyone’s opinion one by one before taking a decision.

So what do we do? People with common politics join together under one umbrella and choose one  group of people out of it, whom they see fit, to walk out into the rain in hopes of bringing future sunshine. Now this small group of elected people who now are under the rain creates their idea of how to bring sunshine in a way that appeals to their friends under umbrella. Since there will be more than one umbrella there will be more than one group in rain who works to bring sunshine. Both these groups will have different ideas and with the support of people under umbrellas, one group is elected to go forward and the other group is asked to see if the elected group goes the right way and to criticize them if they are to cease.

phew, that was a stupid explanation. As if nobody knows what system of election is. Any way,  my point is, think of it, if people were equally distributed under these umbrellas,  neither group of people would get elected as votes will be the same. If one group of people has more people in count than the other group of people then only the same group will be elected every time no matter what. But usually the same party dosen’t reign. Which means there is a group of people out there who choose which umbrella to stand under based on how the elected puts out claims that supports for the better future.  These people who stands free of bias and chooses representatives based on their future claims rather than their party frame are the impartial or neutral group of people and I believe it’s this group that actually decides who should lead them.

Usually people who choose leaders based on their claims is seen to be criticized as they don’t support one particular party forever. They are criticized often as people without  allegiance and are called stupid. See here is the issue. I believe it’s these people and their votes which decides who should take the rule next time. If there are two groups and a majority stays inclined to one group for life then only the group with majority will rule for ever. But looking at world politics, though there are instances where only one group rules for ever, most countries seems to have changing political concerns with every passing electoral years. Why does this happen? because there is a rational group of people out there who considers their leader based on their leadership quality and not by his political power, money or gender.

But change in power may occur due to other factors too. Like there are always smaller political parties with people who stand out with separate ideologies or religious groups who vote for the person that sufficiently helps their religious ideologies. Still, even then, there is a crowd out there whom the politicians refer to as common people or ‘the public’ who criticizes and chooses accordingly and they are very valuable to politicians.

Think of it. If it’s election, group A puts out a series of claims and group B will put out another. Group A knows Group B dosen’t care about their claims and won’t vote for them and vice versa. So there must be a group C of people who are actually to choose which they need from group A and B’s claims and pull out one of them. And this Group C is ‘the public’ out there.

Enough with that. I just wanted to state that blind affiliation to one political party isn’t good for democracy. If you support one political party it must be because their ideologies somehow motivates you to follow them. Which is good since that is your opinion. The political party you serve should be obviously the one that serves  yours and community’s needs respectively. Which is also good. But it’s equally necessary that you criticize your political party if they make mistakes. Blindly accepting their mistakes and justifying that is utter foolish and reduces your power as a voter. Think of it. Most political groups grew at one point of time as a team of people that stands against some system that majority of people opposes. When this new birth occurs there is a set of values that is adored and respected on the new party that makes people want to follow them. But once crisis is averted and time passes, it is necessary to keep tabs on how the new party still stands for the old sets of values. If they don’t it is the supporters duty to criticize them and either channel them the right way or bring them down.

The people’s power

Democracy is the idea where people govern using a set of elected representatives. These elected representatives hold a heavy duty of working for the mass that elected them. To perform this duty they are awarded with extreme power over almost everything.

But history of world proves on thing. Unlimited power ultimately leads to corruption. And power once you have it is a bit hard to lose it voluntarily. This is why political parties make sure that people are allied to do anything for them. Once their supporters are blinded with notions and stories and fake promises the supreme power ultimately gets to do what they wish to do.

Various ideas are used for this. The major being the idea of political parties to provide its supporters the power to rule over the non supporters. People psychologically are lured to make a form of bond with respective party. They are pushed in with venomous ideas that this party supports and are told to that anything that opposes the party ideology is an opposition to their self and shall be defended. The moment you are lured in you become their slave. Many techniques are used for this. Be it colour, cast, creed, religion, nationalism  or any such. We somehow fall for that and when we do, we are used as soldiers who acts for the protection of supreme power.

The moment you lost your ability to choose rationally you are blinded and when you are blinded you fail to see what is right or wrong. Sometimes the venom they push into you is so powerful that you stand against your own blood for someone in the higher power that dosen’t even know or care about your existence.

I don’t wanna speak of any political parties personally, but try recalling any event of political power that occurred recently. I can assure you, majority of events would be about some mess that people or party created blinded in their affiliation to a political belief.  And the funny thing is, no matter what year you read this, there will always be something evil done that supports above statement.

See, it is plain and simple. A mass occurs when everyone supports or opposes an idea. But it is necessary you question why it is occurring before you join the hype and be a part of it. Be it be joining a political party or joining a mob of protesters.

Are Political parties bad then?


Political parties are a necessity.

Look at any point of time and it is pretty evident of how they have led people to greater good. Be it in any part around the globe. They are essentially our representatives out there and we expect them to perform as we wish them to. They teach people of the need to vote, to criticize and to oppose tyranny.  When scattered people join in a similar thought of opposition it is they who bring these people together to start an uproar. They stand as a family beyond the confined walls of house to join people together. They bring out the leaders from a  mass of common people. They remind us of our history. They speak for our basic needs and they choose out someone for us to lead us, and more..

I am in no way against political parties as I choose one candidate that performs well according to my interest from one of the political parties. The point here isn’t about being against political parties, but about being blinded by them.

What I disagree with is about how we shouldn’t stand back from criticizing them. When we idolize them, When we see them as our masters and hate anyone who hates them, When we consider them as some extreme power and worship them – Then we are hyped. It is good if it’s for good reasons, but fail to put them at their position and they’ll rule instead of lead.

Nepotism in politics for instance. A leader is selected from a group of people thanks to political parties. That’s good. But no such selection over time is seen when the chosen one pushes their children to be political leaders. It is good if the child has proven himself. But choosing the child just because his parent was a proven leader is just passing of power between generations and it’s no less than dynasty rule.

Religion in politics is another concern. Being religious is fine but choosing someone based on religion or pushing people to vote on the name of religion is pure evil. I don’t think it’s a great idea to bring in religion and mix it with power. We shall always remember that religion holds a power way beyond politics in people’s mind and it is for the best if religion is kept under the law than over the law. Religion should stand aside when choosing a representative as for the religious God is the supreme power over all and that is to be kept aside from the ruling power in any city of earth. God dosen’t need you to be mixed with politics to rule you.

Oh and by the way. A professional qualification is required to apply for any kinds of job these days. But it wonders me, what qualifications, other than experience in manipulating people, is asked of politicians to be a minister? I haven’t heard many instances where someone with a minimum medical idea becoming the minister of health. or anyone with basic ideas on tourism or commerce becoming the minister of tourism. And the list goes on…. No need of basic qualifications to rule the nation, maybe. But positions like health, commerce etc. are specific in their titles alone and still what qualification is asked to be a minister in those quotas?

Is it a Hype?

Yes. Politics is a thing that is widely enjoyed and participated by all. We all are a part of politics of a nation. But political parties are different. That is a choice that we are meant to make. Unlike religion we aren’t born with it, but we live to choose it or not. We are to remember that we are the power and they aren’t. We chose them so they are partially our responsibility. Just don’t be blinded by them.

Also, this is a trend I’ve widely seen. You becoming a part of political party cuz your parents or friends are inclined to them. That is proper stupid. Don’t let someone force you into choosing ideas. Also, don’t fall for those political movies either. They are just propaganda spreading machines. Choose yourself as its the only time you get to exercise your power on nation’s movements.

Is it worth the hype?

Politics is good. Political parties are good. But blind affiliation and lack of criticism? not good.

I don’t want to push the same thing again and again so speaking directly, Hype regarding any political party isn’t worth it.

I don’t know about the political atmosphere all around globe. It differs. What I do know is, wherever and whenever a political party succeeded in blinding people and was successful in killing opposition, people has lost power and democracy, along with the right to choose representatives. Not making this up. Look around and you’ll see the political ideologies that hate tyranny are the ones that is forcing it on people now. The political parties that mixed religion with democracy are the ones in war. The political parties that speak of prosperity for all are the one’s that often gets the most corrupted.

Most of the above conclusions are more or less personal views. But they surely speak of a hype. A hype that pushes people to break laws for the leaders they chose to uphold law and protection.

It is fine to be inclined to one specific political belief. But never be blinded enough to make it a hype. Criticize and question when necessary. Accept other political beliefs as much as you believe yours, and choose according to potential, not by brand. That is the essence that runs a nation. Cuz if you don’t believe in separate political ideologies there never will be an opposition to fight against the ruling. And when there is no opposition there is no competition and when competition ceases tyranny rises. So being a part of political belief is a need. But so is being rational. Choose your leader if they are worth it. If they aren’t don’t be blind enough to vote for your political belief, as with people vary purpose.

The conclusion being,

Following a political party or their ideology is fine as long as you don’t forget that you are their source of power and your tax, their source of income.

don’t forget that the power lies in the people. Ask for your needs and never be the puppet.

peace for all.


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